Downstream User Exposure Scenarios

This section contains all the Exposure Scenarios (ES) for downstream uses of all the substances registered by the Nickel REACH Consortia.

These are the most recent ES prepared after the 2017 updates. The following major changes took place and are reflected in the new versions of the ES:

  • All existing ES for the newly added Cs2 substance Nickel bis(dihydrogen phosphate) were reviewed and aligned with the other dossiers
  • Additional ES have been added for new identified uses of nickel metal, nickel oxide and nickel dihydroxide
  • All Cs1 and Cs2 substances have a new format for the ES. They have been developed in the new Chesar format, using Chesar version 3.2.
  • All substances have recalculated occupational exposure scenarios

These are only the major changes which took place, but additional changes may have been made to individual ES.

For further information on any changes of the ES please contact the Nickel REACH Consortia: