Nickel Sulphate


Substance description

CAS-No.: 7786-81-4
EINECS-No.: 232-104-9
EINECS Name: Nickel Sulphate
Synonyms: nickel monosulphate, nickelous sulphate, nickel sulphate (1:1); nickel (II) sulphate, nickel (2+) sulphate; sulphuric acid, nickel (2+) salt (1:1); NCI-C60344.
Molecular formula: H2SO4.NI (given in EINECS) but NiSO4
Atomic weight: 154.72

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Who's who?

  • The SIEF Members are all the pre-registrants who intend to register the same substance.
  • The Lead Registrant is Aurubis AG (no objection or no other nominations have been received from SIEF members).
  • The SIEF Leadership Team is the Nickel Consortia.

The Lead Registrant has successfully submit the Registration Dossier for the first registration date of 30 November 2010. 


List of registered uses for Ni Sulphate

To consult the list of registered uses for nickel sulphate, please visit the Exposure Scenarios Library


Notification of Classification & Labelling

The notification of Classification & Labelling (C&L) is mandatory for all hazardous substances which are NOT registered by December 2010.

There will be no notification by a « Lead Notifier ». However, as a service to the industry, the Nickel Consortia will freely communicate the information required for this notification. This information is provided in .i5z (IUCLID) format and includes Section 1.1 (reference substance), 1.2 and 2.1. It is up to the company to complete Section 1.1 (legal entity specific information), to review section 1.2 and to fill section 1.4 since company specific.

For any assistance regarding the notification of Classification & Labelling or if you need to receive the C&L information, please contact

Updates and SIEF progress overview

The Nickel REACH Consortia has established a voluntary procedure to update all the REACH Registration dossiers on a regular basis. These updates are based on two levels of priorities set by the Consortia members. According to these priorities, the most urgent updates (including the incorporation of new exposure scenarios to cover new identified uses, new DNELs or PNECs) are submitted every year. Other updates, such as the inclusion of new exposure data in the existing exposure scenarios, will be updated every two years. 

In addition, a complete revision of all the exposure scenarios is currently ongoing and will be completed in 2017 for all the uses and substances covered by the Nickel REACH Consortia. The collaboration of manufacturers and downstream users is crucial to improve the exposure scenarios.

Learn more on overall process for annually updating the Ni REACH Dossiers.


If you would like to be informed on the progress of REACH Preparatory Work, you need to be a SIEF member. As a SIEF member, you will receive a SIEF Newsflash. If you have not received it, or if you want to become a SIEF member, please contact us.

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